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Step-by-step instructions from a pro dog fence installer on how to install wire. Tips and tricks to make installation easy!
I was considering installing a in-ground fence and Petsafe said to mount the control box 3? from metal objects, I have a steel sided garage that I wanted to mount the control box in and petsafe said this would not work. The rep said no in-ground system would work with box mounted inside a steel building. Is this true?
Follow all safety instructions for your power tools. Be sure to always wear your safety goggles. • Do not install, connect, or remove your system during a lightning storm. If the storm is close enough for you to hear thunder, it is close enough to create hazardous surges. • Risk of electric shock. Use the Fence Transmitter and
22 Apr 2010 PetSafe's Top 10 things you need to know about installing an in-ground wired pet fence. Before you start digging, plug in all connections and walk your pet's receiver collar up to the line (your installation instructions will give you details on how the transmitter and collar set up.) </li></ul>; 10. <ul><li>Now's
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Follow these 4 basic steps to install your new fence. Plan Your Layout. Install the Transmitter & Wire. Install the transmitter and bury wires in your fence. With some basic DIY knowledge, you can set up your in-ground fence system in as little as 2 days. Set Up the Collar. Train Your Pet.
Thank you for choosing PetSafe®, the best selling brand of electronic training solutions in the world. Our mission is to be the most trusted brand in the pet ownership experience. We want to ensure your pet's safety by providing you with the tools and techniques to successfully train your pet. If you have any questions, please
In many situations professional dog fence installers and homeowners alike chose not to bury the dog fence wire, but rather use dog fence ground staples to secure the wire tightly to the ground. Eventually .. Detailed instructions on how to splice your neutral cable and general spicing can be found in Splicing the Wire. 5.
VIDEO: PetSafe Wireless Fence Installation. Transcript from this Video : As pet owners, you want to give your pets the best quality of life that you possibly can. And in most cases, this includes a safe area for your pets to enjoy the outdoors. At.