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must use the keys marked 0 – 9 as stated in the manual, functions. 11 – 28 will Your Prodigy Advance DCC System includes the following: 1. Power Pack. 2.
***The Manual for the prodigy system is available on the gaugemaster Have checked my Prodigy 2 unit and here are some observations and
Thank you for purchasing MRC's Prodigy Elite DCC (Digital Command It is also compatible with all handhelds from the Prodigy Advance, Advance Squared,
When you get your new Prodigy Advance or Express DCC system up and running for system like the M.R.C. Command 2000, or AD150Prodigy DCC, and some other .. to it's address or functions, follow the decoders instructions to reset.
21 Oct 2004 The Prodigy Advance instructions recommend using wire size of 22 Helpful Hints for MRC Prodigy Advance. Page 2. American Hobby
Page 2 .. Thank you for purchasing MRC's Prodigy Advance DCC (Digital Command Please read this manual and your decoder manual carefully before.
To that I've hooked up the MRC Prodigy Advance 2, running the two wires out of the main I assume it has one, most DCC system manuals do.
20 Mar 2013 1 Specificiations; 2 Notes; 3 What references this product; 4 Other Product URL, [Product:MRC Prodigy Wireless Mfg Link], Manual URL wired Prodigy Advance throttles can be used simultaneously, side-by-side Plug into
20 Mar 2013 Integrated Throttle, MRC Prodigy Advanced Squared (Knobs and the ultimate DCC experience can offer, Prodigy Advance Squared is the system for you. to get started] No complex, hard to understand instruction manual.
7 May 2011